Suggest Programming

We’re Looking for Your Ideas!

Do you have a great idea for a session, presentation, or workshop that you’d like to see at VCON this year? Please let us know by filling in the VCON 42/Canvention 38 Program Suggestions Form for each nifty idea you have!

This form can be used by anyone to submit general programming ideas that we could assign to any programming participant with an appropriate background AND it can be used by those who are (or wish to be considered as) programming participants to submit suggestions that they could or must participate on.

To submit programming ideas you will need to be logged into a GrowTix account. GrowTix is the full-service event management system VCON is now using and you will be able to sign up for an account from the idea submission page if necessary. Having a GrowTix account will let you do more than suggest programming – it will also allow you to access order details for any GrowTix-based purchases associated with your email address (from memberships and merchandise to vendor and artist exhibit space); supports personalized event schedule management; for program participants, it will give you access to your official programming schedule; and, for volunteers, it will give you access to shift details and related information.