Art Show

VCON’s Art Show features the work of talented artists with science fiction and fantasy. This year the show will be located in an expansive ballroom space between the Vendor Hall and the Main Programming room.

Art Show Space registration is OPEN!

Please do the following to register:

  1. Go to the VCON 42 Art Show Application Page. Start by typing your name in the box and then click on Begin Application next to it.
  2. Then go to the VCON 42 Registration Page to purchase the Art Show exhibit space you want.
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General Information

What’s NEW?

This year we will be holding demonstrations and workshops within the Art Show space! Please check back or check VCON’s schedule for a list of sessions.

Art Show Hours

To be announced soon.

Attending Artists

Updated as artists are confirmed

Artist Guest of Honour: Ashley Mackenzie

Demonstrations, Workshops & Meet-ups

VCON Art Show is presenting art demonstration, workshops, and artist meet-ups for all ages, located right in the heart of the Art Show space! Check out the information below for details on some of the sessions and presenters and keep an eye on the VCON schedule for session times.


Lynne Fahnestalk working in her Bot Workshop

How to Build a Bot

Presented by Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
Audience: all ages
Approximate duration: 1 hour

Hey! Come to watch Lynne build a Bot!

Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk is bringing her hugely popular “How to Build a Bot” demonstration to VCON this year and you don’t want to miss it. Where some people see junk, Lynne sees the potential. She will build a complete sculpture using only up-cycled metal objects and a bit of imagination. And, after the demo, Lynne will tour her display in the Art Show and talk about how she constructed each Bot. This event is free, open to the public, and fun for all ages.

Fantasy Art by Tony Rodriguez

Mixed Media on Graphix Film

Presented by Tony Rodriguez
Audience: all ages
Approximate duration: 1.5 hours

Come to explore how to layer coloured inks, pencil crayons, oils and even ballpoint pens to create an exciting mixed media masterpiece. Tony will demonstrate how to apply washes, ink and easy local colour to Duralar film or Graphix film. He will explain how the different stages and steps work and come together to create harmony between materials, resulting in a successful graphical yet rendered illustration.

Photo of three pin-back buttons on a flat surface. A 30mm by 40mm rectangle in portrait orientation with a colour drawing of a space-cat. A 25mm diameter round showing the face of "Robotter", VCON's mascot. Another 30mm by 40mm rectangle face down, in landscape mode.

Personalized pin-backed buttons.

The Buttonist’s Garden

Presented by hing kei
Audience: all ages, younger children should be accompanied by a guardian
Approximate duration: 0.5 hours, multiple sessions
Material costs: $1.00 per rectangular button, $0.50 per circular button, payable at the workshop

Make your own unique souvenir badge button! Pick up a paper template from the Art Show during
opening hours and bring it back during one of a Buttonist’s Garden session to get it made into a
30x40mm rectangular button or a 25mm diameter round badge button. Paper templates are available
blank or with a premade image to be coloured. Available while supplies last.

A 12-piece, handmade jigsaw puzzle of a colour drawing of a space-dog.

Handmade jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle Me This

Presented by hing kei
Audience: ages 6+, children must be accompanied by a guardian
Approximate duration: 1 hour
Material cost: $1.00 per puzzle board, limited one per participant while supplies last.

Create your own simple 12-piece jigsaw puzzle by drawing and colouring on a pre-cut 5.5 x 8” puzzle
board! Colouring pencils and markers will be provided.

Meet Up, Drop In

Art Together Now

Audience: all ages

Sketch, chat, and share your art in this casual meet-up with other artists attending VCON! This is a good chance to make new artist friends, ask questions and share experiences to help one another improve. Bring your projects and sketchbooks! Please refrain from bringing messy art supplies as this is a carpeted area. No art experience necessary.

Woolly Wooling

Audience: all ages

Ready to yarn with others about your favourite woolen arts? Got some tricks to trade or looking for help with your own projects? Or just want a place to take a break from the convention and relax with your knitting? You might find what you need at this casual gathering for people who do or are interested in knitting, crocheting, felting, or other wool techniques. Bring your projects with you!

About the Presenters

hing kei

hing kei is an artist working mainly in watercolours, acrylics, and felt, weaving lighthearted pieces with bright, bold colours. She is also the organizer of this year’s Art Show and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

You can find her work on

Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk

Lynne spent most of her childhood drawing dinosaurs and purple bunnies. Since then she has repaired a printing press with a bobby pin, created a comic strip for cows, produced a science fiction colouring book for kids, served as art director for two national magazines, run her own printing company and, now, creates one-of-a-kind robot sculptures from upcycled metal objects.

Where others see junk, Lynne sees the potential. Her Bots have been described as 3-D cartoons and she likes that comparison. Each Bot is securely constructed using drilling and screws and she uses the metal pieces as she finds them; never polishing, painting or shaping. The search for usable objects is a large part of the creative process – garage sales and flea markets are her friends.

The question Lynne is asked most often about her Bots is, “Do they move?” And her answer is, “Not when I’ve been looking.”

Lynne is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Canadian Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement and has shown her work in galleries and at major science fiction convention, art shows where she has received numerous awards.

Lynne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her wonderful husband and a house full of robot parts.

Keep updated about Lynne’s works through her Facebook page.

Tony Rodriguez

Tony is an illustration and art history and computer animation graduate from Ontario’s Sheridan College who currently resides in Vancouver. He has over 15 years of experience in the video game industry creating high-end content from pre-production to final polished art. Tony has been illustrating and creating content for marketing for major brands and licenses. He has been trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Sega and Nintendo to create exciting new content for long-standing titles such as Killer Instinct, Atari Greatest Hits, Metal Slug, Phantom Dust, etc., all of which have naturally influenced and led him to develop his own unique techniques and style which can be seen in his latest works as an independent artist. Tony continues to grow not only in the entertainment field but also in the classical arts at the same time keeping his pulse on the trends and pop culture of today.

Find Tony’s work at

The information shown above may not include all available sessions and may change without notice. Please refer to VCON’s main schedule for the most updated information.

For Art Lovers and Art Buyers

Come and discover local and international talent and discover that perfect piece of artwork for yourself or as a gift for someone else! Unique one-of-a-kind items and prints catering to a wide range of interest will be up for sale.

Direct purchasing (and flexible pickup time), plus silent auction bidding will be in effect!

Please note that a bag check-in will be in effect for large bags and bags without zippers/closures.

For Artists

Contact artshow [at] vcon [dot] ca with any questions or to be added to the e-mail list for the latest updates.


Exhibit Space Cost
Panel (4’x4′ pegboard) $17.50
Table (6′ standard) $22.50
Print Shop Space FREE with payment for at least one panel or table
A commission of 10% will be taken from all sales (from the panels, tables, and print shop).



What is a Panel?
An Art Show panel is a 4’x4’ pegboard that will stand upright. Artwork can be hung on the panel using hooks and bull clips (provided). It is highly recommended that 2D art is framed or bagged to protect the artwork and make it easier to hang. For ideas on how to protect your 2D art if you are not framing it, please contact artshow [at] vcon [dot] ca. You are encouraged to display original artwork and sell prints in the print shop, but this is not a requirement.
What is a Table?
Art Show Tables are standard 6’ tables. They are best suited for 3D works.
What is the Print Shop?
The Print Shop is a space within the Art Show where you can put your 2D prints with those from other artists. The Art Show will sell your prints on your behalf. Please note that all prints need to be bagged and have a backing board for protection when buyers look through the artwork.
Note that the Art Show will have the final say in refusing any artwork brought by the artist, especially if the artwork is deemed inappropriate. Please note that this is a family-oriented convention.

If you have any questions, please contact at artshow [at] vcon [dot] ca