VCON Needs Volunteers!

VCON is a fan-oriented and 100% fan-run convention and our volunteers are the most important resource we have. They are the gears that make VCON happen – without them, there wouldn’t be an event.

Because of that, we offer HUGE membership discounts to everyone who does a certain amount of volunteer work for the convention, whether leading up to or at the event. As an example, some volunteers will get a full-weekend general membership ($75 value) for just $10! There are other perks too, like free t-shirts, other convention swag, not to mention all the ego boosts and warm fuzzies you could want for doing a good job.

Are YOU Ready?

If you are ready to be immersed in our wonderful world of volunteering, science fiction, fantasy and games THIS YEAR please take a moment to fill out the VCON 42 Volunteer Sign Up Form.

Volunteer FAQ

If you have any outstanding questions please contact the current Volunteer Liaison at volunteers [at] vcon [dot] ca.

Who Volunteers?

Who Volunteers?

  • The international celebrities that we bring in are volunteering their time to attend the event.
  • The local celebrities that attend are all volunteering their time at the event.
  • The organizing committee (ConCom) chair, vice chair, department heads and assistants are all volunteering time throughout the year and at the event.
  • And last, but by no means least, everyone who gives up a few hours of time at the event to help with important day-of tasks such as registration, security, running a workshop or whatever – they are all volunteers.
What do Volunteers Do?

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers do Everything!

Individual volunteers can find themselves helping in any of a number of ways, depending on their skills, interest level and availability. Some examples of work volunteers do:

  • Planning
  • Recruiting
  • Advertising
  • Preparing
  • Event set up
  • Event take down
  • Onsite badge monitoring
  • Onsite registration
  • Onsite security
  • Onsite AV/Tech management
  • And everything around and in between that!