Thank you for your interest in being part of VCON!

First things first: Register for the event – after all, attending VCON is the most obvious way to participate!

One way to really get involved is to become one of our Volunteers. VCON is a 100% volunteer organized event, and the more people who get involved in helping, the more opportunity everyone has for awesome fun. Whether before or during the con, from just a few hours or a few things to more than we might like to admit of either, we’re thrilled to welcome anyone who wants to pitch in! There are so many different ways to help out, from joining the planning Convention Committee (contact us to learn more) or volunteer to do small but important tasks before or at the convention itself.

Fan groups can get involved by signing up to promote their organization at a lobby table or holding a room party.

Individuals and businesses can also support us by donating gizmos, gadgets and geegaws for our silent auction, volunteer gifts, game and contest prizes or other purposes (just contact us and let us know what you have to donate) and can even become convention donors (individuals) or sponsors (businesses).

Anyone can help us plan the event program by suggesting programming session ideas, and professionals, semi-professionals, experts and serious fans can even apply to participate in scheduled programming.