Advertising Rates

Are you someone who runs a business that offers goods or services that would appeal to our event members? Would you like to get information about what you have to offer in front of hundreds of pairs of highly congenial eyes? Well, we can help you out with one or both of the following advertising opportunities:

Our Program Book is distributed to 800+ members during the convention. This approximately 36–page document is produced on with a glossy colour cover, a black and white interior, and features information about our Guests of Honor, panellists, pros, the programming schedule for the convention, artwork and more.

Our Swag Bags are distributed to our attendees when they pick up their badges. To place fliers or promotional items in the bags, items must be of interest to our membership (for example, having to do with science fiction, fantasy, science, or other areas of fan life). The VCON Chair has final say as to what can be included.


Program Book AdvertisingAd Submission GuidelinesSwag Bag AdvertisingPayment Options

Program Book Advertising

To Place Ad: Contact our Advertising Sales Coordinator at adsales [at] vcon [dot] ca. Once the ad is received, you will be sent an invoice to be paid within 15 days or by Sept 21, 2018.

To Trade Ads: If you are running a fannish convention or genre event and wish to place an ad in our program book in exchange for an ad for VCON or another WCSFA event in your program book, contact the Advertising Sales Coordinator at the above address to discuss the options.

Black & White: (Interior pages)

  • $100 – Full Page
  • $75    – Half Page
  • $50    – Quarter Page
  • $25    – Business Card

Colour: Inside Covers & 4 mid-section interior pages

  • $200 – Full Page Interior †
  • $150 – Half Page Interior †
  • $100 – Quarter Page Interior †
  • $50   – Business Card Interior †
  • $300 – Full Page Inside Cover
  • $200 – Half Page Inside Cover
  • $400 – Full Page Outside Back Cover
  • $300 – Half Page Outside Back Cover

† “Interior colour ads” are included in a single sheet folded over in the middle of the program book to provide four full pages of colour printing.

Ad Submission Guidelines

Digital ad copy must be received at adsales [at] vcon [dot] ca
no later than SEPT 15, 2018
We cannot guarantee artwork submitted after this date will be included in the publication.

The Program Book has pages of 8.5 inches horizontally by 11 inches vertically (8.5″ x 11″; standard US Letter size in portrait orientation). If you wish to turn your ad by 90 degrees with respect to the page, feel free, but for less than a full page, it may look weird. For your convenience, we do some math here.

  • Full page: 8.5” wide, 11” high
  • Half page (tall): 4.25” wide, 11” high
  • Half page (wide): 8.5” wide, 5.5” high
  • Quarter page (tall): 4.25” wide, 5.5” high
  • Business card: 3” wide, 2” high

Acceptable file formats:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • GIF †
  • JPEG †

† We advise caution with choosing GIF or JPEG. These file formats are optimized for photos, and non-photo elements—text, logos, artwork—especially those with solid blocks of colour, often do not look crisp once printed.

We recommend using at least 300 dots-per-inch. 300 dpi is an excellent rule-of-thumb minimum for good-looking print. More is fine. Less will be accepted, but your ad may end up looking blocky.

You have the full dimensions/pixels of your ad space to use, but you may wish to include an eighth-inch (0.125″ or 38 pixels at 300 dpi) margin clearance as part of your layout so that your ad does not bump right up against other ads or surrounding content. Also be aware that the content may shift by about a millimetre with respect to the edge of the page during printing, so if your ad runs right to the edge of the page, we do not accept blame for cut off lines or text. (Experienced layout people will know how to circumvent this issue.)

If you are purchasing a black and white space, please send your copy in black and white or greyscale. Only send your copy in colour if you have purchased colour space. We do not offer graphic design or proofing services. Whatever you send us, we print as is.

Swag Bag Advertising

Items must be received by Sept 21, 2018
to guarantee we have time to have them inserted into the bags.

There is a $10 handling fee per unique insert included in our registration swag bags.

To submit swag: Contact our Advertising Sales Coordinator at adsales [at] vcon [dot] ca with a description of the item(s) you wish to submit. Once it has been confirmed that your item(s) are suitable, you will be sent an invoice to be paid within 15 days or by Sept 21, 2018.

To Trade Ads: If you are running a fannish convention or genre event and wish to place swag in our bags in exchange for VCON or another WCSFA event putting swag in yours, contact the Advertising Sales Coordinator at the above address to discuss the options.

Once your swag is approved, you must deliver or mail 800 copies of the item(s) to the following address.

ATTN: Jenni Merrifield (VCON Advertising)
LMI Technologies
9200 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, BC  V5J 5J8

You may also drop items off in person at the same address on weekdays during regular business hours.

Ad Payments

We use Square invoicing for payment processing. Square is able to accept the following Credit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. We can also make arrangements to accept payment through PayPal and, yes, we will even accept cheques.

For Program Book Ads:

Payment must be received by SEP 15, 2018
or your ad will not be included in the program book.

As postal mail is slow and sometimes fickle, we highly recommend paying our invoice through Square or making arrangements to pay by PayPal. However, if you do choose to mail a cheque, please make it out to WCSFA/VCON and send it, with a printed copy of your invoice, to the following address:

ATTN: VCON Advertising Sales
Box 78069, Grandview RPO,
Vancouver, BC, V5N 5W1

For Swag Bag Inserts:

Payment must be received by SEP 21, 2018
or your items will not be inserted in the swag bags.

If you choose to send a cheque rather than pay the invoice through Square or PayPal please include it with your delivery.