Announcing Ashley Mackenzie, Artist Guest of Honour

Announcing Ashley Mackenzie, Artist Guest of Honour

Ashley Mackenzie

We’re Counting Down!

Only FOUR months to the Great Reveal, the Ultimate Answer… VCON 42, of course!

For our newest announcement, joining our Author Guest of Honour, British Author Charles Stross, is Ashley Mackenzie as our Artist Guest of Honour! Check out her work at and come to VCON 42 to visit her in the Art Show.

The hotel has been thoroughly scouted and scoured, and with the brand new Britania ballrooms, it’s the best hotel space that VCON has been in yet. Speaking of the hotel – make sure to reserve¬†your hotel rooms ASAP and don’t forget to get the discount on memberships for booking a hotel room. Also, a reminder to those travelling from out of town, we have arranged for¬†travel discounts with Air Canada and Hertz Rent-a-Car.

We’re looking forward to a host of additional confirmations coming up shortly, but we can confirm the ARTEMIS Bridge will be there for sure! Who doesn’t need a head to head Starfleet bridge simulator?

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