Month: June 2018

Spring Discounts Ending Soon

VCON Spring Ends on Canada Day Yep, it’s true – VCON’s spring season is finally coming to its end and summer is set to take over with blue skies and hot weather. And that can, sadly, only mean one thing – our Spring discounts for General Memberships are about to end! General Memberships, which will…
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Announcing Amal El-Mohtar, Canvention Guest of Honour

Canvention 38! This year, VCON will host Canvention 38,┬áthe Canadian national science fiction & fantasy convention that is sponsored by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) and we’re very pleased to announce Amal El-Mohtar as Canvention Guest of Honour. Amal is an award-winning writer, critic and editor based in both Ontario and Glasgow…
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Travel Deals for Distant Travellers

We Love Out of Town Visitors! Although the majority of VCON members do come from the Vancouver, BC, Lower Mainland, we always get a fair number attending from further afield and, with Canvention in the mix this year, we expect those numbers will be a little higher than usual. So, because we ♥love♥ all our…
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Ashley Mackenzie

Announcing Ashley Mackenzie, Artist Guest of Honour

We’re Counting Down! Only FOUR months to the Great Reveal, the Ultimate Answer… VCON 42, of course! For our newest announcement, joining our Author Guest of Honour, British Author Charles Stross, is Ashley Mackenzie as our Artist Guest of Honour! Check out her work at and come to VCON 42 to visit her in…
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