Month: February 2016

Let’s Help James NG!

LET’S HELP JAMES NG! Who is James Ng? He’s the guy who produced the artwork “Exorcist” for the cover of the VCON 37 program book which you see on this page. It’s but one superb example of the Chinese-themed steampunk SF&F art he is noted for. As artist Guest of Honour at VCON 37 in…
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Our Crazy Theme!

Every year VCON adopts a theme. This year it is “Muppets, Puppets and Marionettes.” What has the theme got to do with science fiction and fantasy? A heck of a lot! First, there’s the wonderful Supermarionation shows Gerry Anderson used to do back in the 1960s beginning with SUPERCAR (1961-1962). Modern fans are perhaps most…
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VCON 41 — an exercise in having fun!

Greetings all! Having just been granted access to this new version of the VCON 41 web site, I am putting in a short first Blog to see where it winds up and what the result looks like. Bear in mind I am something of a Luddite, a twentieth century kinda guy, but once I figure…
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